Pakyow is an open-source framework for the modern web. Build websites and web-based apps faster with a view-first development process that's friendly to everyone – whether you're a designer or a developer. It's for getting along.

Pakyow lets you start with a view and build the app on top. Here's how it works:

Generate your app and immediately create views using HTML or your favorite template language.

Start the app and see the views in your local browser without adding any back-end code.

Add back-end code (written in Ruby) without changing any of the previously created views.

The view-first process gets you right to work and keeps your project moving forward.

Start building for the web in minutes.

The modern web should be a democratic platform where anyone can contribute not only their static thoughts, but solutions to real problems. It should place people above technology and empower us all to improve the web, and the world.

Pakyow is a platform for you to build a better web.

  • Install Pakyow

    Assuming you have a recent version of Ruby, install via RubyGems:

    gem install pakyow
  • Learn more with the warmup

    We've put together a tutorial that will walk you through building and deploying a Pakyow app.

    Let's get warmed up ›

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Coming Soon: Build realtime, backend-driven web apps with Pakyow. Watch the demo →