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Pakyow v1.0.2 Released

Pakyow v1.0.2 was released this week. This is a patch-level release that includes several bug fixes:

  • Request paths are now relative to the app's mount path. For example, if an api app is mounted at /api, a request to /api/posts will appear as /posts within the app. This allows an app's mount path to change without affecting the app's internal logic.

    Pakyow.app :api, "/api" do
      resource :posts, "/posts" do
        list do
          puts connection.path
          # => "/posts"
  • Associating data sources across connections now works correctly. For example, associations can be defined between data sources for different databases, or even different adapters.

    Pakyow.configure do
      config.data.connections.sql[:mysql] = "mysql2://localhost/foo"
      config.data.connections.sql[:postgres] = "postgres://localhost/bar"
    Pakyow.app :assoc do
      source :foos, connection: :mysql do
        has_many :bars
      source :bars, connection: :postgres do
        belongs_to :foo
      controller do
        default do
          foos = data.foos.including(:bars)
  • Pakyow data types are now compatible with dry-types v1.2.0. It is no longer necessary to lock dry-types at v1.1.1 in your project's Gemfile.

  • Backend aspects now load alphabetically on every system.

For a full summary of changes, please refer to the release on GitHub:

You can also see all of the commits that make up this release:

Upgrading from Pakyow v1.0.1

This release is backwards-compatible with Pakyow v1.0.1. Simply update your project's bundle:

bundle update pakyow

SHA-256 Checksums

Here are the checksums for Pakyow v1.0.2:

1827e59f21dcb1026dc3ccf403b55dcbefdfc0ca9da851ba49bbdf8f481018b0  pakyow-1.0.2.gem
cf70c3f8e92e1c36f896396d86f56d8a539c77997d1d2f2c8c3bb2b8361b56f5  pakyow-assets-1.0.2.gem
9ac5403a41847bc2e62cb7fb356cfeed9fc891cfeaf2d7b34e28e3581776bc65  pakyow-core-1.0.2.gem
41f9c7bde6cd701ac6c979cf9ccb71828141abd246ee2b8518480d09fb8c83a6  pakyow-data-1.0.2.gem
694a891a98b253151d7d4f404941baa746ac6d37819ca549b98bebab8de48c7c  pakyow-form-1.0.2.gem
729010ab9236588cb43faf45c3d0ebbea887fdc49418eea4ef689674c562b5ae  pakyow-mailer-1.0.2.gem
8fbdc4a0f8c3a74dfe7130398902cc8916d7a94925caf6bc67f10c513b7a3e9a  pakyow-presenter-1.0.2.gem
6874cc29884dbbedbe4583e6072401997ea0534c2bbc6ccb2ff9b18d470bd8e2  pakyow-realtime-1.0.2.gem
a6130451d8b498d5d74a0666e9c7e4115061ed581ae4bebcec584024148a8bea  pakyow-reflection-1.0.2.gem
484eb9c69bbda504dc8329125387d6b715103ca833d7e453923aba9f4fcb2228  pakyow-routing-1.0.2.gem
b315dc533d20c06ee7bb1f5409c24b62930ef9ed49dad85ba06413b3e7a129bc  pakyow-support-1.0.2.gem
4a35de1ebdc4032f90f29beb2428ac647bc27d0b16e52e8dc5ab169517b774ca  pakyow-ui-1.0.2.gem