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Pakyow v1.0.6 Released

Pakyow v1.0.6 was just released. This is a patch-level release that includes a single bug fix:

  • Updates miniracer to 0.3, allowing Pakyow projects to run on alpine containers.

Many thanks to Marwan Rabbâa for contributing this fix!

For a full summary of changes, please refer to the release on GitHub:

You can also see all of the commits that make up this release:

Upgrading from Pakyow v1.0.5

This release is backwards-compatible with Pakyow v1.0.5. Simply update your project's bundle:

bundle update pakyow

SHA-256 Checksums

Here are the checksums for Pakyow v1.0.6:

4b9ecbb47904d41d5be0bcd6b82fb3b60c4daa9b  pakyow-1.0.6.gem
e0251aa442462ebbf610904930365811a2f48133  pakyow-assets-1.0.6.gem
c5e7e43e4a0143fd0e7f20a8fe3245e2a8f98702  pakyow-core-1.0.6.gem
a7dee38e7fb24878d4b0d9a19e5b41357315064a  pakyow-data-1.0.6.gem
21b1583a61a7aa77c9fb7dd9776e2969d7fcf979  pakyow-form-1.0.6.gem
be8bad7d170f1197ba7b5b0a94d764e016265712  pakyow-mailer-1.0.6.gem
b93ddfc82451baf554329a67e7ca3fdea6e9fc25  pakyow-presenter-1.0.6.gem
3583fb12156a82ab204d08ce5ec1da1bd3d7c56c  pakyow-realtime-1.0.6.gem
594e6c48d22a7d487b890429cde640e9c92805b8  pakyow-reflection-1.0.6.gem
82c7127c9ce644eea8d84c90f70eadb4ab135603  pakyow-routing-1.0.6.gem
778f74228099ccd3dee58df48452326aa9e49c51  pakyow-support-1.0.6.gem
5312bdbee525370fd3021ac8465384f03827906c  pakyow-ui-1.0.6.gem