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Pakyow v1.0.3 Released


Pakyow v1.0.3 was just released. This is a patch-level release that includes several bug fixes:

  • Pakyow v1.0.3 is fully compatible with the upcoming Ruby 2.7.0 release!

  • Projects that fail to boot will exit gracefully instead of getting stuck in a restart loop.

  • Projects now boot the number of server processes specified by config.server.count. Previous releases would only boot one server process, regardless of how the project was configured.

For a full summary of changes, please refer to the release on GitHub:

You can also see all of the commits that make up this release:

Upgrading from Pakyow v1.0.2

This release is backwards-compatible with Pakyow v1.0.2. Simply update your project's bundle:

bundle update pakyow

SHA-256 Checksums

Here are the checksums for Pakyow v1.0.3:

abb5ca6d11365b7d423795a9a5b7e784558dc953dfee1a6ee083fe888601d4fe  pakyow-1.0.3.gem
3dc1df14bbd56da2d7866f65b3ac6d4e0da571e60f21721fc2b86661ad08677b  pakyow-assets-1.0.3.gem
e3c60f5493e6e4938dfbec0369e0319a1f2368bca7493b69ad6903fd95f3b1b0  pakyow-core-1.0.3.gem
5237e91790ebf56e4795b22d29bcd4b0aaa25789c8c136b5fa73d9514eb96a15  pakyow-data-1.0.3.gem
d4a50437faa8cedccf4167bbd827ec83bcb14c7cbf7f302067f7e86404e3d711  pakyow-form-1.0.3.gem
16bed5fb6da734758750200305a77e6d2489a440d5b7888a2095b3ec9f8f12a8  pakyow-mailer-1.0.3.gem
c8716a4258214dbe4b2921f6c281d889f9ae41b60dedaf84ec9444ef044b9b2b  pakyow-presenter-1.0.3.gem
37e7ed57d4295395515b607446ae4dc8198a0b95c8117b58a173348b8f1aeccf  pakyow-realtime-1.0.3.gem
7eef53cb97b7d16ca8168f9ef12ea24aaeabf627f2f56a8a079f35cd0608739d  pakyow-reflection-1.0.3.gem
dc076985f7edf73a90218bbab5480acd2e4911a71ccaf99f1003582b8e65ac3f  pakyow-routing-1.0.3.gem
7e1969aa52b243c6a4ea7dac115b486a51a23d59ba5c8c417f7de67b3167fca9  pakyow-support-1.0.3.gem
31ab1e1fcd2c911192ea67b536864b33fbcb5123a18f9c3dabaee51b02807dfd  pakyow-ui-1.0.3.gem

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